The channel!

As you may have seen I have a YouTube channel. You can find me at or by clicking here!

I thought I would give you a quick run down of the series on the channel at the moment and a little update!

I currently have a schedule although this is changing at the moment.

Monday – on a Monday we play Mage Quest, a FTB (feed the beast) mod pack found on the curse launcher that looks specifically at magic mods. It is hqm (hardcore quest mod) which mqmeans it has a book full of quests for us to follow so we can learn everything about the magic mods. Out of 4 mods you initially chose to to follow, one major and one minor. I chose thaumcraft and botania. We have delved into blood magic and witchery as well in the series but the ones we chose are our main focus! (I also added some mods to this mod pack myself. Those are bibliocraft and armourer workshop). Find the playlist here! Don’t forget to comment on an episode of Mage Quest with your minecraft IGN (in game name) or a skin you like and I will add you to the sparkle tower!

Tuesday – Tuesday is currently one of the days we upload a random video. At the moment that has been minecraft adventure maps including one called Planemo! A 1.9 vanilla adventure map set in space, we use a robot and a jet pack to explore planemo and try to figure out what’s going on!

WednesdayWynncraft Wednesday not on wynncraft!!  Originally this was amma series with a group of friends adventuring through wynncraft, a vanilla RPG server full of quests and adventure. However, due to issues getting on the server we decided to take a break, start up “minecraft mom (and friends) adventures”, and do a puzzle map called ‘the ice lab’ until we can get on wynncraft regularly again. We also sometimes take on mini games if some members cannot join us! Whatever we are doing its always lots of fun and full of silliness and laughter so make sure you check it out here!
The awesome people that join me are: hungry4gamesJustafigmentSuzie_the_sawyerRyanthestreamer and occasionally derpydodo.


ThursdayNeverwinter!  This is an mmorpg (my favourite type of game) where we fight to help stop invasion, corruption and generally try to be a hero!

Friday – with my World of Warcraft play-through currently taking a break, Friday is another random game day! Again, random puzzle maps and adventure maps are uploaded on this day such as Buzzle!

SaturdayRevenge of the c-team on the Munchies server!ct
This server is run by hungry4games. We explore the mod pack which is full of mods I haven’t seen or used before and try to build pixie hollow, our own little pixie paradise….with a giant tree!! Lots of fun and adventure!

Sunday – again a random video day!

I also currently have a daily series running playing Stardew Valley. thumbnail
Everyday I upload the game-play of one full in game day as we try to build up our farm, care for our animals and gain the love of our senpai penny!

There are new series starting soon and these will be on the days that are currently random video days so make sure your following me on social media to keep up to date! Posts will be made when these new series start and you may even find some bits in the sneak pack section!!

Hope you hop on over to my channel and find some content you enjoy!

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