Summer favorites!

Now summer is here, finally, I thought I would share a few of my summer favorites that are going to keep me sane during the heat (and the school holidays) that are cheap or free! A lot of these you may already have or do but these are just things we enjoy so I thought I would share!

Frozen fruit/frozen yogurt – this is a simple way of keeping cool during the summer 19712243-Fruit-ice-cream-pops-on-white-plate-selective-focus--Stock-Photowithout eating lots of ice-cream (although that is fun and delicious!). We have a mold we can use to make our own ice-creams and E loves filling this full of different fruit with me and some diluted fruit juice to make our own ice-creams! For the yogurt we buy squeezey yogurts and just freeze them, some even give this option on the packet, and they make great treats! Jamie Oliver and are just two who have awesome frozen fruit smoothie recipes. A quick search online will bring up hundreds of them!

A jug in the fridge – sounds super simple but one of the best things we ever bought was a jug to fill with juice in the fridge. As long as someone remembers to fill it them you always have some cold juice on hand!

Reusable ice cubes – I love them! We bought a pack of little heart shaped ones (i believe for £1) and they have come in so handy! We don’t need to fill up a tray and try to find a space for it in the freezer, you just chuck them in and wait. Best thing I’ve found with them is as soon as you’ve finished with them and given them a rinse you can pop them back in the freezer again. In our house, the ice cube tray only got refilled when it was completely empty so it’s nice to always have some frozen. They don’t dilute your drink like ice-cubes do when they melt and they are just so convenient. (we do have the ice-cube tray just in case!)

So easy to use!


Garden Chalk – Those huge sticks of multi-colored chalk are so much fun! Use them to write on the walls or the pavement and when it rains its disappears! The whole garden is the drawing pad! We got a pack of 15 large multi-colored chalks from our local supermarket for around £4.

Results of our morning getting creative!


The park – The park is a great way to keep children entertained during the summer. Meeting up with friends or just meeting others there mean they can play with someone other than you! Some of the park near us have water areas in them. These are areas on the park that have water jets, cannons, pipes, etc where the children can play, for free, and play on the park. These areas are places that you would need to supervise yourself, especially younger children but they usually don’t have any areas of standing water.

A tent – We use a child’s play tent all the time. Not only in the garden, but we take it to the park and the beach. It’s a great place to play and shade from the sun when it gets too hot. It also makes a great nap time area out of the sun!

Wipes! – Always needed for anything from sandy toes to ice-cream chins!

Cinema – For those days that its not as hot (or even raining…I do live in the UK!) or when your sick of the sun the cinema is a great place to go! Checking our local cinema last night we found that they were screening children’s films usually at 10/10.30am for as little as £2.50 per person! So for me and E that’s only £5. Check your local cinema to see whats on and prices!

So these are just a few things that help keep us cool and entertained during the summer holidays! I’m sure most of you will do some if not all of these already! If there’s anything else you do that is your summer favorite them please leave a comment letting me know what it is!

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