Minecraft skins – OMGitsRubyG

Hi, I’m OMGitsRubyG and Sam has let me write a post after she saw how often I change my minecraft skin! I change it a lot but that is because there are so many awesome skins to chose from!

There are many different ways to change your skin or design your own. You can use software such as photoshop to edit but a much easier way is to find a website that makes it super simple. A quick search online will bring up many different websites offering this for free, but I personally use Novaskin.com. Its a website that lets you look through ones people have already made and saved (you can use them as they are, edit them to make them your own or use them as inspiration) or you can use the simple tools to make your own. You can also pose your character, adding different props into their hand such as a diamond sword or a golden apple to create a photo. You can even make a wallpaper, adding your skin into a pre-made wallpaper background, that looks totally professional!

I decided it would be fun to compile a list of my favorites!

Cats- By cats I mean girls dressed as cats! I like skins with large cat ears. They add more detail and it helps make the ears stand out. Some skins also have tail detail on the back, and these can be thin or bushy. Personally, I prefer thin. Here are some of my favorites!!

Onesie’s- I like onesie’s, such as dinosaurs and rabbits (shown below) because you can get so many different types, their easily customized, and I like wearing onesie’s IRL.

Rabbit frontRabbit backDinosaur

Flower Crowns- There are many different types of flower crowns in any colour you can think of. Some have big flowers, small flowers, leafs and can be seen on the minecraft skin in a variety of positions, as seen in some of my favorites shown below.

FlowerCrown 1                                              FlowerCrown 2Animals – I’ve seen a variety of animal themed minecraft skins. My favorite so far are the penguin and unicorn skins (shown below) because penguins are my favorite animal and I wish unicorns were real!!!

My current skin! – The picture below shows my current skin. I love the brown hair (I have brown hair IRL) and LOVE the large cat ears! The bow at the back of the hair adds detail and I like it because it’s cute. I also like the little trainers, I prefer these to larger, boot style shoes some skins have. ❤

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