Review – Minecraft: Papercraft

Last weekend we finally got around to trying out the Minecraft papercraft set we had purchased at Tesco. We purchased this set, along with another of a different variation with our own money, and on sale!! (who doesn’t love getting money off). We ended up trying the overworld utility pack. This pack boast over 30 pieces and gave you everything you needed to create some 3D items from minecraft including fences, a bed and even an enchanting table.



Myself and OMGitsRubyG sat down on Sunday to make them whilst E was napping and I’m glad we did! The pack states it is for ages 6+ and even for us it was tricky at times.

This is what you get in the pack! There’s loads!!


All the pieces were larger than I thought they would be, which was great, and they were all made from a thick cardboard which made them feel like they were good quality and weren’t going to rip apart as you tried to release them from the sheets!

The instructions were pretty straight forward although some did take a little bit of time to figure out which way round things were.  Using tabs and slots, they fit together well and securely which again made them feel like a good quality product.

We only had a few problems when putting them together. The cauldron was really fiddly. It has an inside and an outside piece to create an actual hollow cauldron but this is all once piece you have to fold up. The inside and the outside have tabs and slots to put together meaning the inside gets super fiddly to get to. We did do it but I don’t think OMGitsRubyG could have done it (she’s 9).

The chests when folded up were super thick at the hinge (because they do open and close and even have a little tab in grey at the font to keep them shut) and this meant that they didn’t stay shut, they popped open. The top of the chest was held onto the bottom via the folded cardboard and one tab which easily slipped out and caused it to pop open at the back as well. This may have also happened due to the sheet the chests were on being folded the opposite way at one of the folds to what they instructions then told you to fold it. You weren’t able to make the fold sharp enough because it had already been done the opposite way and it kept wanting to unfold. This was fixed using a little bit of glue but that isn’t something you may have lying around.

The fences were easy to put together but no so easy to get to stand up! The pieces that went horizontally were one piece folded in half the way the slots were cut meant that whenever we put these in they turned at almost 90 degree angles to the fence posts! this made it impossible to set up a line of them and we only made a few of them up and then left the rest. Again, it is probably something we can fix with glue ourselves but this isn’t something it says you need on the packet.

Overall, this was a great pack that was good quality and it just had a few issues but these were easily solved with some glue! My favorite piece was the enchanting table. I thought it was really cool how the pieces fit together to make the book! OMGitsRubyG’s favorite piece was the cauldron because you can actually put things inside it (although I wouldn’t recommend any kind of liquid!!!!!!)


We had lots of fun making these and will definitely be putting together the second pack we bought, lots of minecraft animals!

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