REGROWTH – A new series!

Hello Hello Hello!

Happy Monday!

Today (so far) is a happy Monday! Baby is happy playing leaving me time to get some editing done! (so much to edit, so little time!)

I also got round to making the thumbnail for the new series that is starting tomorrow! This new series is taking place on the munchies server, a minecraft

server run and owned by my friend hungry4games. If you have been on my channel before you will have seen a different series taking place on there, we were playing through the revenge of the c-team mod pack. However, we found we have done everything we wanted to do on there and anything else left wasn’t really a challenge for us to get if we really wanted to. We had everything!

So hungry4games discussed with all the member the possibility of changing the pack and this is where we are now!

The pack was changed and we are know playing a FTB mod pack called REGROWTH!


In this mod pack you start with nothing, and I mean NOTHING! When you first spawn in the world is barren, covered in dead tree’s and sand. You must work through the quest book (YAY it has a quest book!!) to regrow and repopulate the world with plants, animals, technology and magic! It’s a very all rounded pack.


One thing to note is that most if not all of the regular vanilla recipes are gone! Everything is harder to make or a crazy recipe! Normal vanilla tools don’t work and even punching grass hardly gives you any seeds and gives you bone meal and clay instead!

We recorded the first episode last Tuesday (technically it was two because we recorded for so long haha). I was joined by hungry4games, silentlilac and ryanthestreamer for these episodes and hopefully they will be joining me throughout this series, working together on collaborations, as well as other members of the munchies team!

Here are some sneak peaks from that first episode that is going out on the 16th of August 2016 and will hopefully a new episode will be out every Tuesday! Let me know what you think of the series and make sure to subscribe to my channel for more!!







Since this post this series has been launched and has been a great success!! So much fun by all and can’t wait to see where the adventure takes us!
Find the episodes on my YouTube channel and make sure you check out my friends perspectives on their channels linked below and in my video description!




OR check out the first episode here!


*JUST A NOTE* In my episode 1 part 2 of regrowth, yes i know the audio is awful!!! I apologise for this and it has been sorted in future videos 🙂


Hope you enjoy and we would all love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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