So, If you’ve been around my social media or YouTube channel for a while you know I like to call the people that support me “sparkles”.

I saw this picture online today (found here) and it made me think about why I call you that and if you even know why!


So I wanted to let you know why! You are amazing! Each and everyone one of you whether you watch my content or interact with me in any way or not you are amazing! You bring a little bit of magic into the lives of the people around you. A sparkle! Each and everyone one of us sparkles….on good days, bad days, inbetweeny days….everyday. I love that! I love the community we are creating and other community’s I am apart of and this whole community we call life.

Some of you will think I’m just preaching or jabbering on but I try to be as positive as possible. Yes, that’s not always something I am able to do. As someone who struggles daily with anxiety it’s hard. But having you guys, the sparkles, there to support me really helps me stay positive and spreading a little sparkle could be just what someone needs to help them get through the day!

Leave a little sparkle where ever you go! ☆

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