The Grove – A Sneak Peak!

Since Baycraft ended there’s been a whole in the channel (and my life) where it once was. Baycraft was the first proper modded minecraft multiplayer server I was ever on and it was a huge part of my channel! 48 episodes of fun, the friends I met whilst playing together and the amazing time I had interacting with you guys as we built machines, took on magic and built up a spawn town and shopping district. I loved it but as most things, they have to end somewhere.You can find the playlist of my Baycraft series here – I think it’s well worth a watch!!

When Baycraft finished we did allude to something else being on the cards to replace it, a plan! And that’s what me and the other admin SuzieTheSawyer, SomniaStellarum and SilentLilac have been working on for the past few months. (Click on their names to go check them out!!)

The Name – The Grove. A name that suggests adventure, magic and technology all combining to create an amazing story.

We had to decide on a pack.  The Pioneers, a modpack that encourporates some of the classic mods as well as some new ones that are all stable(ish) in 1.8! (This pack can be found on the curse launcher or here) On top of this we also added in a few of our own mods, totemics – a mod filled with teepee’s, buffalo and magic flutes, custom npc’s, and a few others!

We spent time building, planning an organising! Trying to get 10 people to be able to record at the same time when they are all in very different time zones is no easy task but we managed it!

The first episode will be out on Friday the 9th of September 2016!!

The members of The Grove are: Samphorea, Silentlilac, suzie_the_sawyer, SomniaStellarum, KimmieTins, Docpool73, Racoonboy, LadyAiluro, Trishinator and Hungry4games! Make sure you go check out all their channels and perspectives!

So until Friday that is all the information I can give you (not much I know) but I highly recommend watching  because its a very exciting episode and we would love you to come on the adventure with us!

Finally, a few screenshots!





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