JustaFigment is a friend of mine who I think well deserves some love and celebration. She started her youtube channel in May 2015. Originally she created primarily minecraft content but has recently been branching out into other games and has even started streaming on twitch (you should really try to catch one of her streams).

She is a lovely lady with lots of great idea’s. She is so fun to record with (we record together most weeks (she is a part of the Minecraft mum adventures and Wynncraft Wednesdays) and we always have lots of fun with ALOT of laughter!

You can also find her on facebook and twitter where she regularly posts!

She is currently trying to raise money to upgrade and improve her PC. Any kind of support would really help her to reach this goal so she can create more, quality content!

Here are some of her videos you should really check out including an awesome compilation of her first year on youtube!


Her “Figgy flop Tuesday” always manage to make me laugh! Watch Figgy take on parkour in every colour!

She also does some amazing build battles!

And of course out Minecraft Mum (and friends) adventures!


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