My sista who lives on the other side of the world!lilac

Lilac is an amazing lady who works very very hard producing amazing content. She creates YouTube videos, she streams, she crochets, she draws, she photographs, she does it all, all while looking after her seedlings (and me hahaha) and you can see all of this and more on her twitter, facebook and instagram (click on which you’d like to be taken there!)

One of my favourite series that does creates is Fairytale, a HQM modpack where Lilac gets to show us all her magic knowledge and she learns new things too!

She an admin on The Grove and has been very busy building on there!

She doesn’t just play minecraft. She reviews indie games….

And even plays ark!

and many more!

There’s plenty of variety for everyone and her channel is definitely one I highly recommend you check out!

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