Suzie The Sawyer

This weeks #featuredsparkle is Suzie the Sawyer. If you watch the Minecraft mum adventure series, The Grove SMP or the captive minecraft series you will have seen alot of suzie! she is part of those teams with me and I have had so much fun playing minecraft with her.

She is easily recognised by her doctor who inspired skin and she was the inspiration when creating The Grove SMP nether portal (Its a giant TARDIS!) which she also helped to build.

She has ALOT of fun playing revenge of the c-team with a lovely group of creatures!

She plays games other than minecraft. You can find a really cool play through of Don’t starve:shipwrecked that its really fun!

As well as the all the multiplayer minecraft that she plays Suzie also has a single player, vanilla world that she has had since the beginning of her Youtube journey that I highly recommend you check out called Noob Chronicles!

Makes sure you also go follow her on twitter so you can find all the latest news and information!

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