This weeks #featuredsparkle is Trishinator.


Shes a YouTube content creator who brings lots of enthusiasm and creativity to her channel and her video’s!

On her family friendly channel she plays a variety of games including minecraft, stardew valley, creativerse and she even vlogs about her life and special events! So much your sure to find something you enjoy! Shes also a member of #thegrovesmp where she is creating an amazing build and learning all about the mods that the pioneers mod-pack is full of!

She plays different first person shooter games such as DOOM and Left4Dead2 and she has most recently been playing through Five Nights and Freddy’s sister location which is full of scary but great commentary by Trish including screams!!


You can find Trish on many different social media platforms. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram (just click to be taken to her pages!)

She also streams and is member of Girlstreamers (click the link to go to their twitter page for more info!)

Make sure you go check her out!

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