The Grove SMP: Halloween special behind the scenes

As some of you will have seen we recently made a special episode of The grove SMP for Halloween. This involved the team meeting new characters, learning more of the grove lore, completing a maze to get a prize that gave them access to the very top of the tree! All very exciting! I thought I would give you a rundown of what went on behind the scenes to make this possible!

So firstly we decided to do a Halloween special. Seems silly to write that but if you don’t decide to do it and let the team know then no-one knows whats going on! Communication is Key!

As a member of the Admin team on the grove I decided I would go ahead and think of a concept for this episode and then build it, with help from the other admins. I ‘pitched’ my idea for the story and then let the others add in any other idea’s they had to the story and concept evolved. For this particular special we wanted the team to know as little as possible before going into the episode so it was all a surprise for everyone!

Once the story was settled we had to find somewhere to build it! I knew what needed to be built initially and I worked backwards. So the room where the end prize was was actually built first. (Well, the top of the tree was built first and then finished just before the episode but SPOILERS! haha)

I researched a redstone door and ended up using a spiral one i found a tutorial for on YouTube (click here to view it) and then found a place on the map to do it, somewhere close so we didn’t have to travel far but somewhere far enough away that people couldn’t stumble across it. I was really really happy with how this turned out and then i decorated the cave, the stairs and the room.

The end location with Witch Wanda waiting!


I even created a little video on YouTube to show the others the door after I’d made it to see what they thought! (a real sneak peak!)

About a week before the episode I had the idea of creating a pumpkin, which is where the episode starts, and for this to be near the pumpkin patch we had previously built in the community farm, sort of like the pumpkin was originally a normal one that had just grown.  I built this using a picture I found online after a quick search.


This image links to this video tutorial although I didn’t use the video, just the image, you may find it useful! Click here!

My little pumpkin ready for Witch Wanda!


I’ve used custom NPC’s a lot before so thought it would be perfect to use them again in this project. Using this mod i created the teleport’s, trading cat and Wanda to aid the story. I think flew around to find a suitable place for a maze and because it was a fair distance away i used the teleport to get there. (there are many different tutorials on YouTube showing you how to use custom NPC’s)

Making the maze was easy. I just dug out the tunnels as I was walking around and then randomly left the chests. It was a lot easier building into a mountain that building a maze in a flat open area because I didn’t have to build the walls myself. It also made it easy to get it looking dark, spooky and a little confining.

The top of the tree had already partially been built. Id already set out the first floor rooms, including enchanting table and kitchen so I just had to rework the upstairs and I added to add in the table as a place for us all too meet whilst spawn town is being worked on. Having somewhere like that I think adds to the community feel of the server. I then added in paintings, lights, etc. to make it feel lived in and welcoming.

Some pictures of the top of the tree


One thing I did have to consider when creating this was that we didn’t want it to be as long as the first episode. I wanted it to be one episode that, once edited, could be about 15-20mins and this is why i decided to use teleport’s, not have a huge maze, have a simple task to complete, etc. and i think it worked really well. It wasn’t the most spooky or scary Halloween special you will have seen, it was pretty mild, but it was A LOT of fun and we hope you enjoyed it too!

And that was it! The hardest part was getting a time where everyone could record together. If you haven’t checked out the team I highly suggest you do but if you have you will know we have people in the team from all over the world so whenever we record there always tends to be someone who is up really really early or really really late!

For special episodes in the future if you would like a little behinds the scenes look at how it was created then please let me know by leaving a comment on this post or on twitter, YouTube, etc! Hopefully it was fun to read a little about what goes into these episodes and I hope you enjoyed the final result! You can watch everyone perspectives of the Halloween special and The Grove over on their channels linked below!
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KimmieTins ►
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