The Grove SMP : Halloween special


It’s past Halloween now but I hope you all had a brilliant Halloween if you celebrate it!

The Grove SMP team were very busy creating and organising a Halloween special! It saw more of the lore of the mysterious grove come to life and the team have some fun with an exciting reward.

They met Witch Wanda, a witch who apparently visits the grove every Halloween to spread the word and to enjoy the holiday. As she said “it’s been a while since anyone was here to meet me”. She seemed very pleased to finally have someone to celebrate Halloween with and she gave the team a task to do.

The god of the grove had decided to reward the team for their excellent start rebuilding the grove. They had tasked Wanda to come up with a way for us to find it. She decided on a maze, an extremely dark maze, where 4 items had been hidden. Once found these items could be given to her cat “Salem” or Ethan haha. She let us use Eldamore (her teleported) and Ghoul the bunny to get to and from the maze. Once there we got very very list but eventually found all 4 items, an ear, a heart, a septer and a skull.

We gave these to Salem who gave us the coordinates to the location of where our prize was hidden, and a stack of pumpkin pie to share, which is harder to share out than you think when two people are wearing magnets!!!

We made our way to where to coordinates pointed us, taking on many ghastley monsters on our way. One of the team even lost her life, however Lady Ailuro was killed by the most unlickly monster, Silentlilac! haha

Once at the location the team were at first confused, should they go into the water? was it underground? Racoonboy said he had found a cave and this was indeed the correct location, a cave hidden by a waterfall! The cave was filled with servered heads and cobwebs. There was a lever that once flipped opened up a door to an underground room. This room was filled with magic and mystery, and witch Wanda (why she didn’t just teleport us too we will never know!)

She explained the gift was in the chest and it would grantus access to an area that had so far been inaccasible to use. The staff of growth (the gift) we figured out would open up a way to the top of the tree!

We travelled back to the tree and without warning (or having to do verymuch at all) a door opened in the bottom of the tree exposing a ladder to the top. Once at the top we found 10 bedrooms (one for each team member to do with as they wish) a kitchen and a full enchanting room/library! It also containted a meeting area with 10 chairs and it was a great place to eat our pumpkin pie!

And that was out halloween adventure! We really hope you enjoyed learning some more lore behind the grove and exploring the world with us! It wasn’t the scariest of tasks but it was fun and although the prize at the end wasn’t very halloweeny it was somewhere we had wanted to get access too and it was great to finally be able to explore the tree and the space!

Make sure you check out all the team mebers and their perspectives of this special and all of the Grove!

Please go show some sparkles to all the lovely Grove members!

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