Sam’s Crafty Corner #1

So after finding my love and motivation for crochet again (see crochet the night away) I decided that it would be fun to write about my experiences, anything new I’ve learnt, patterns I’ve found, things I’ve found difficult and anything I think that might help someone else!

First this week is a stitch/row counter! I wanted one of these for so long after spending hours marking lines on paper, then loosing said paper, and just getting a real muddle. I finally found one I liked one ebay (link here #notsponsered haha). Its a digital one that attaches via a strap like a watch to your finger and you can press to mark a row and reset it when your done. I’ve been using it for about a week know and I really like it. It’s really light and doesn’t get in the way of me crocheting. If doesn’t make any noise, its small, its super easy to use and there’s very little chance of it accidentally counting a row when you haven’t pressed it (this hasn’t happened to me but I guess its always possible).

The other thing or things I finally purchased this week were safety eyes! I usually buy them as and when from the local market but this currently shut for renovations and it was a real trek to get into town to get there, and usually I would end up just using wool or embroidery thread to make my own. This worked well but sometimes you just want a proper plastic eye and I just never had any so I picked up a back of 50 in various sizes (100 pieces – 50 eyes and 50 backs) for about £5 again from ebay (link here). I haven’t had chance to try them out yet but I will soon and I’ll let you know how I get on! (also these are just plane black circle eyes, no fancy colours or anything ranging from 6mm to 12mm)



Patterns I’m working on this week!

Dumpling kitty by Sarah Sloyer (Critterbeans)

So this week I am currently working on the “dumpling Kitty” which is a gift for a friend. I found an awesome pattern (link here) and I can’t wait to try out the safety eyes on it. The pattern so far has been good however I did find the beginning part a littler difficult to follow even with pictures, but I stuck at it and got it rather quickly!

Can’t wait to get the rest of this cute kitty finished!


Margarita by Mia Zamora-Johson

I’m working on a fairy (link here) which I found whilst searching for a fairy pattern but WOW was it difficult to find the actual pattern! It seems that the pattern was part of a magazine/website that closed in 2013! Thankfully, after hours of searching, I found it through a “web archive” type website! So glad I found it!

Got a lot left to do but she’s coming along nicely!



Project of the week

This week project is definitely the golden snitch (pattern here). Brilliant, easy to follow pattern that creates a small golden snitch that’s perfect for hanging just about anywhere! I made one for a Harry Potter mad friend and can’t wait to make more!

Don’t want to give it away its so cute!


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