Sam’s Crafty Corner #3

This week has been so much fun! As I mentioned previously, I’ve started doing some creative streams showing primarily crochet with plans to do some sewing and more in the future. On twitch I have hit 50 followers which is awesome and had people watching the stream who aren’t just my friends but new people who have found me through #crochet! It was so much fun!

During the stream I completed another of the tea cups (pattern can be found here) which I love and then started work on an Eevee!

(No idea why my hook handle looks dirty! Must have been the light because it definitely isn’t haha)


I also picked up some yarn this week that I just HAD to buy! B and M is a store that sells all manner of things in the UK but one of the best things it sells is yarn! I always have a little look when i go in and today I went looking for some yarn to finish a project I am working on. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I did find a range of yarn called “Baby sparkle yarn” which in itself was a sign! They had all different pastel colours that had a sparkle shimmer strand running through them. I settled on a pale lavender one with shimmer that reflects a light green colour! Its glorious and I would have bought the whole shelf if I could have! Can’t wait to try it out, just have to find the perfect pattern!

The picture doesn’t show the true colour but I can promise you its glorious!



What I’ve been working on

Eevee By Aphid777

As I mentioned during the stream I started working on a new project that has been request by my step-daughter, an Eevee amigurumi! (Eevee is a Pokemon for those who were wondering) After searching a while for a pattern I liked I settled on a pattern that had Eevee laying down and described as a “baby Eevee”(Pattern can be found here). I’ve since found patterns for other Pokemon in a similar position laying down and they all look so cute! I know she is going to love it and they should lay nicely without falling over which is sometimes an issue with other amigurumi I’ve made. So far I’ve made the head and the body! I change the eyes because I didn’t have any felt. The head instructions were easy to follow. I had some trouble with the body and ended up having to add in two extra rows of decreases to get to the correct number of stitches however I haven’t had chance to properly look over the pattern and my work to see if its the pattern or me counting terribly that’s the issues but once I know I’ll let you know!


Pikachu By 53stitches

I mentioned in the previous crafty corner that my step-daughter had requested a number of Pokemon amigurumi’s and i started to work on a Pikachu using the pattern by 53stitches (pattern here). I have since finished this project and can’t wait to make another. The pattern was pretty easy to follow and the pictures included did help! I tried to crochet some red circles for his cheeks however I didn’t like where i had placed them so ended up leaving them off. That is my fault, I should have taken more care and actually used pins to position first (which is something I did with the arms,legs and ears so no idea why I went all “gung ho!” with the cheeks!) but i think it still looks cute and my daughter loves it!




Pattern Spotlight

I’ve been looking around for a doll pattern that I can use as a base for some idea’s I have, a basic doll body. After looking around I found this one (click here) by Lisaauch. I haven’t made this yet but it’s something I’m definitely looking to try in the future. Eventually I want to start writing my own patterns but I’m not at that level yet!  What are your favourite doll bases? Are there any you use time and time again? Let me know in the comments!




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