Sam’s Crafty Corner #4

What a week!

So much was made, started, finished and twitch! Well that a story on its own!

Safe to say it’s been a busy week. I streamed 4 times over on twitch, Monday, Wednesday and twice on Friday. Streaming has been super fun! I’ve found some confidence and feel rather comfortable just getting on with it, I don’t have the same anxiety before I start which is nice. I’ve been asked about commissions which is the most exciting thing to me! It’s so cool to think that people like your work so much they want to own some of it and pay for that! My commissions are not currently open because there are a few things I need to research before I do, things like insurance and such, but eventually, hopefully, we can create some amazing things for some amazing people.

Another thing that’s come out of all this is confidence, I have never been too confident in my ability and it’s made me hold back from complicated patterns, from adjusting patterns if they don’t quite look right, or making my own pattern altogether. This has totally changed and I feel confident to just try. If it doesn’t work out, who cares? If it does work out it could be something amazing so that what I’ve done. I wanted to make a bunny that I could make some clothes for (as a tester for an idea I have to make my character in crochet form!) and I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so last night on stream I just started crocheting and went with it and I love the outcome so far!

I picked up some more of the baby sparkle yarn, in a baby pink and really like mint green. I love them just as much as the pale lavender and I can’t wait to use them for projects.


I also picked up a dog/pet grooming brush. I’ve seen a few people using then in their crochet to fluff yarn, make it all fluffy when doing fur or hair or just general fluff. I found this one at a shop near be called B and M. They had a few different ones but this was is small, lightweight and easy to hold. I picked the one that had the smaller, thinnest bristles on the brush because i felt that would work best but from what I’ve seen the larger bristled ones would have worked just as well. I used it on the Eevee pattern (see below) and I think it worked really well! I love the effect!

Also in B and M I went on the search for a jar or tray type item that I could put some of my creations in to display them whilst streaming and to keep things like scissors and such safe in. I eventually found a wooden cream little tray that is perfect for what I needed and the cute look I was going for. And at only £2.99 it was a steal!



What I’ve been working on

Eevee By 52 Stitches

So the Eevee is finally finished and I LOVE her! This Eevee pattern is DIFFERENT to the original I spoke about in the previous post. That Pattern was working up pretty big and I wasn’t happy with how the body was working out so I had a look for another and found the blog whose Pikachu pattern I used did a similar one but an Eevee! I did most of it on stream, apart from sewing the arms and legs on. I got to learn a new technique that on the stream we dubbed “floofing”. With the pet brush I mentioned above I brushed the yarn which brushes it out of its normal strand and into this big mass of floof! It’s so much fun, easy to do and gives such a great effect! I will definitely be using this on a lot more projects to come! The pattern for Eevee is a great one (find it here). Super easy to follow with plenty of pictures to help you! Definitely recommend checking out this awesome blog and their amazing patterns!

She’s so floofy! 



Horsea By The Craftzilla

I then started and finished working Horsea, another Pokemon for my step daughter. This was one of the first ones she requested and again it is a super cute pattern! It was a little tricky to make because of the spikes and the colour change but the pattern was well written with lovely pictures to follow so it really helped you get through the more tricky parts! Whilst working on this the Horsea head had the creepiest smile before we added n what we called the “toot toot hooter”, his snout that reminded me of pingu’s beak when he says “noot noot”!!

His creepy smile! 



So there is no pattern for this one but there might be eventually. I’ve written down most of what I’ve done so far so hopefully I could turn it into a pattern. After looking for ages for a pattern I couldn’t find many I liked and where the style I wanted and the ones that were weren’t in english so I couldn’t figure then out! So with my new found confidence I decided to just go with it and make my own up! its super SUPER easy and its working up pretty fast too! I love how its turning out, just like I has imagined, and I can’t wait to see it finished. The reason for the bunny is because I want to try and test making some little clothes that I would eventually use for the bunny and dolls so thought this would be a great base project for it!



Pattern Spotlight

This is where I spotlight a pattern/s that I’ve either tried and loved or I’ve not tried yet but can’t wait to start!

Sparkles! I found this amazing, easy, quick pattern for stars that I feel in love with by Mohu! (click here to go to it!) There are some amazing patterns on the blog but the starts are my favourite! I ended up making SO many of them in akl different kinds of yarn. The baby sparkles yarn worked really well with these and I messed around adding eyes and mouths to a few. They are the perfect little mascot for my stream! (In my stream viewers are called “sparkles” and they collect sparkles whilst they watch). Definitely recommend this one!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…..

This time I found this really cute little unicorn amigurumi pattern by One Dog Woof (click here to go to the pattern) It reminds me of the unicorn from ‘Despicable me’ and I LOVE that unicorn! I think baby sparkles would be really happy to have this to cuddle so this is definitely one I’m going to have to try soon!


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