Sam’s Crafty Corner #5

Another busy week! Anxiety has been trying to take over this week so I’ve thrown myself even more into craft (and cleaning the house which my boyfrend has been very happy about).

Twitch has been going great! I have been really enjoying it, meeting new people, making new friends and learning new things!


What I’ve been working on

Bunny – My own pattern/freehand

Following on from the last post, I continued working on the Bunny. The bunny is now finished and I’m so happy with it and so proud that I did it without a pattern! Next is clothes and I’m so excited to try make some! I’m going to try write up the pattern for the bunny and I will be posting it on here for others to try if they would like to! I feel this could be the start of something very exciting and I am hoping to write up any clothes I make too that I think others may be interested in so that you can make them too!


Bunny and the start of the first piece of his wardrobe, a hat!



Also this week I made a start on a prototype for a project that a fellow streamer and friend suggested and that is becoming reality! They asked if I would be able to turn one of their emotes into crochet reality and I said we would give it a go! The emote was created by Amelyth for Pulpjohnfiction (click their names to be taken to their twitch channels). The emote is an onion crying and is used as the cry emote. It’s super cute, as is all of Amelyth’s work (go them both out!!)!

Because I had never done anything like this before I thought it would be best to create a prototype, a tester, so I can change things and try things out to make sure it looks as good as possible. So far I have used this pattern (click to view) to make the basic onion. I altered it slightly as i didn’t need the onion “skin” or the green sprouting from the top. During a stream I created the eyes but decided they were 1. too big and 2. I just didn’t like them so I took them off and I am going to try something different weather that’s a different stitch or felt I do not know but that’s exactly why I made a prototype! I’m really enjoying working on this and learning a lot!

Making a start


Basic onion is done!




A really awesome pattern that I am hoping to make a start on soon is this Harry Potter crochet along by Two Hearts Crochet! This crochet along has now finished but that just means you don’t have to wait weeks for each new square, it’s all ready for you now! I LOVE Harry Potter and when I saw this one i just fell in love with it. I’m sure there are other Harry Potter projects like it and I’ve seen similar idea’s but using different themes like Dr. Who but this one stole my heart (and my crochet hook!) You can can all the information for this pattern here!

THIS IS NOT MY IMAGE. This is taken directly from their page! Click it to be taken to their awesome page!




2 thoughts on “Sam’s Crafty Corner #5

  1. Two Hearts Crochet says:

    Thanks for the spotlight feature! I hope you enjoy our Harry Potter CAL. It is easily one of our most popular projects. There’s lots of bonus squares too, so be sure to check them out! Again, thanks for the love! ❤ ❤


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