Sam’s Crafty Corner #7

Finally feeling better after being sick for two weeks AND baby sparkles is back at school so that means getting back into the routine and back to some fun projects!

This week I manged to stream twice which was really fun! For those that didn’t know I have a youtube channel where I post gaming videos. I also had a second channel where I was uploading live-streams. I have decided that this channel, previously called SamphoreaLIVE, really isn’t needed and I wasn’t putting much on there because 1. gaming streams/highlights could go on my gaming channel and 2. I couldn’t upload many of my creative streams because of the music being copyrighted. So, after much thought and encouragement I have changed this channel to SamphoreaCreates! This will be a channel where I upload creative streams, highlights and tutorial videos. I know there are a million and one tutorial videos out there but if I can help just one person then I’m a very happy lady! There’s nothing on the channel at the moment but hopefully soon that will be changing!


More wool was needed for projects which a trip to the local market! I got a variety of browns, oranges, a blue and then splurged and treated myself to some 20% wool variegated purple yarn and some variegated pink yarn with sparkles running through it! No idea what I’m going to use them for but I just fell in love with them when I saw them!




What I’ve been working on


Finally got back into streaming this past week which meant we made a good start on the final, and rather large, pulpcry! I finished the little prototype and I’m pleased to say it was well received so we cracked on with the finished piece. I messed around using different sized hooks so that it would help make the piece bigger without having huge holes between stitches that stuffing could be seen through. I settled on a 5.0mm hook and DK yarn. I’m not following a pattern per say for this project. I did for the mini one but I need to add in more rows and some shape changes or the large but so far its going well. It measures approx 18cm across and we are working on bringing up the sides to create the shape. I can’t wait to see it finished!

The prototype!


Working on the big one!


Small people pattern – Amelyth

Following on from the last post where we spotlighted Amelyth and her awesome pattern I’ve since made some more of them! A little boy with a backpack and I’m halfway through another little girl doll for my other sparkle!

Its such a fun pattern and I love that it includes patterns for a backpack and a hood. I am in love with the backpack….its even functional and can be used to put stuff in! Maybe a tiny book for the doll. It just shows the attention to detail.

Can’t help but love these little guys!




Being part of twitch mean being part of a (mostly) awesome community all out to support each other. Nowhere have I felt this more than with the two stream teams I have joined since I started.


Girl streamers” is a community on twitch that is all about support and celebrating just that, girls who stream. Their mission is to encourage, grow and support and I’ve really felt this since joining. There are so many amazing streamers in this community that I highly recommend you check out!


Knotty by nature“is the second twitch stream team I am apart of. This team celebrates everything fiber arts. Streamers get creative with things like crochet, knitting, cross stitch, wood and many more! Its a great community that are very supportive and all share a love for fiber!

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