Sam’s Crafty Corner #9

Busy week again this week. Even the sunshine managed to make an appearance again (before being chased off by, you guessed it, more rain!)

This week means the start of the Easter holidays, 2 weeks of fun in the sun (hopefully). What this also means is no streaming for me. It’s only been two days and I miss it already. I don’t like streaming when baby sparkles is here or is awake so streams would have to be late night which means I wake everyone up so its a tricky situation.

So far this week it has been nice weather. Super sunny monday so we spent the day at the park then colder, chillier days followed so we nipped to the shop and spent time in the house and garden, watering plants and making brownies!

I did get to send off my first ever parcel this week! It was way more exciting that it should have been. I’ve never posted anyone anything like that before so its really cool to know that in a few days they will be receiving their items that I made!

I have new toys and I’m so excited to try them out! For a while my boyf has been saying we should get a glue gun. He used to have one and loved it. It’s something I always wanted but just never got and it’s something that I could use in so many different situations and crafts that it was almost crazy NOT to have one. So after some research online we settled for one from hobbycraft, from their own brand range. I got the £5 mini hot glue gun, a £2 pack of 12 glue sticks and a glue gun mat for £3. I’m glad I went with the mat because I am a very clumsy person so that will definitely save me from destroying some furniture with glue! I’m already thinking of things to make with it, hair clips with crochet and ribbon, felt piece on crochet, etc. I can’t wait to try it out!



What I’ve been working on


It is finished! I made excellent progress on the 28/03 whilst live streaming. I got the main body and the eyes done. Then because friday on stream is game day I finished the rest of it off in my own time and I LOVE it! I am so proud! I love that atleast for the time being, when people ask “what’s the biggest thing you’ve made?” or “have you ever made anything without a pattern?” my answer is ” a crying onion”. I’m so pleased with how it came out and I hope the recipient is too! I posted it over the weekend so will update when I hear the verdict!

After the stream – Nearly finished!


All done! 


Zippy the Baby Sloth by StoryLand Amis

Last post I spoke about making sloth and finding this pattern for a cute tiny sloth that can hang on your finger. Well I finished that little fellow on stream. Very happy with how it turned out. I love how small and cute it is! You can find the pattern here!


Cubone By Yeong Shin

Another request by OMGitsRubyG. To add to her growing collection of crocheted pokemon she wanted a cubone. I found this cute pattern and we started it on stream. I only have the eyes and head completed so far and its turning out A LOT bigger than the picture because I am using a much larger hook but I wanted it to be around the same size as the others she has. The pattern has been easy to follow so far so I’m looking forward to working on it some more. You can find the pattern here.



Want to see crochet, games and petals all in one channel? Then go follow SilentLilac.
She streams over on twitch at  and makes youtube videos on her channel . (Profile picture is by @binoftrash)

She is an amazing lady from AUS who has a fun and friendly personality and is one of the kindest, loveliest people I know. She makes amazing content, is extremely creative (she made her own graphics!) and works so hard, putting 110% into everything she does. I am very proud to call this lady a friend and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. She is possibly doing some different crafts in the future so make sure you go and check her out.

A couple of images from her stream and youtube 



maxresdefault (1)




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