Another weekend, another park!

It seems as soon as the sun is out, my partner is on a missing to find a park to take the kids to that we’ve not been too before. I’m not complaining! I like exploring new places, the kids love new parks to enjoy and he gets to find new places to run (he’s currently training for a half marathon!)

Whilst there I like to take photos of anything and everything. When I was younger I used to really enjoy taking photographs, begged for a camera one christmas, researched all I could about it and even nearly took the photography course at college. I ended up taking a different path but I still love to go out taking photo’s when I can. It’s one of the reasons I have the phone I do. I have a Sony Experia M5 which has a 21.5mp camera and a 13mp front facing camera. I adore it! Some of these images may not be the best and some are a little fuzzy but for a phone camera, I love what it can do!

What I love about the summer is everything is so bright and colourful, the flowers, plants and trees are in full bloom and everything is alive! So 07/05/2017 we took our usual trip out to a new park and I thought I’d share the images I took with you. I usually post them into instagram but why not share them here too. One imagine in particular made me laugh and I didn’t take it to “get a great shot” I just enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy!


So many daisy’s!



So many beautiful flowers!


Camera didn’t focus on the flowers but I love this picture all the same


Daisy’s everywhere!


They smelled so good!



Getting covered in blossom while we were enjoying a picnic


This made me laugh so much! New rules for the twitch channel??

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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