Hobbycraft Hot melt mini glue gun – A Review

I’ve been after a glue gun for a while know. There have been so many times I have said to my partner ” If only I had a glue gun!”. I think he got sick of it and decided the best way to stop me moaning was to get one. So we spent time looking online, at stores, amazon, eBay and happened across this on. At the time of purchase this glue gun was £5 from hobbycraft.

It’s described on the website as;

“A sure set for any crafters toolbox, this Hobbycraft Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun operates at high temperatures from mains electricity supply for a stronger, more robust glue bond…From scrapbooking to card making and home decoration designs to handmade accessories, this inexpensive tool will soon become an essential supply to all your crafty makes…”

It states that all you need to do is load it up with hobbycrafts 7mm glue sticks, wait up to 5 minutes for it to get hot (you can press the trigger to see if the glue has melted and is flowing from the nozzle, if not wait longer), and if it is flowing then its ready to use!

I did what I always do when looking for products, I check the reviews. Straight away I could see that this had been given a rating of 4.5/5 which gave me very high hope for the product. Lots of people saying that it was a great size, easy to use and that it worked well.

The glue gun comes in three different colours, the black and orange I bought, a blue and a pink. I think the other colours are nice and I was very tempted by the pink.


As you can see we also purchased a 12 pack of glue sticks and a glue pun mat. I am so glad we bought both. The mat works great, is non-slip so it helps the small and light weight glue gun to stand up and not fall over and the glue peels off it incredible easy so it saves trying to prise it off my dining room table. I also found that I go through the glue pretty quick. The sticks, like the gun, are small so I expected this would be the case. I also an a glue gun novice so I can see form the practise projects that I have made so far I am use WAY more glue than is needed and this is something I’m sure I can improve on in time.


My Thoughts

Overall, I am really happy with this product. Its small, heats up quick, glue doesn’t drip from the nib, rate of glue is controllable, I could go on and on. The extra’s I purchased with it I feel are musts! The glue gun mat does exactly what its meant to and has the added bonus of being non-slip helping the glue gun stand up despite it’s lightweight. I’m looking forward to using this product more and trying out different glue sticks for it such as coloured and glitter ones!

If I could change anything I would have liked the glue sticks to be longer. I am a beginner so I am using more glue that I would necessarily need however I have found that I have having to put new glue sticks into the glue often. A longer glue stick would help with this however, that is in an ideal world and maybe if I shopped around I could find some. It’s really a very minor issue I have but thought it was worth mentioning.


Since purchasing this product I have since found bundle and deals on hobbycraft for this product and the extra’s I bought like the mat and the glue stick pack. Here are some that are available at the time of writing this –

Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun with Sticks and Heating Pad 3 Pack – http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/hot-melt-mini-glue-gun-with-sticks-and-heating-pad-3-pack/616643-1000?pn_rty=%20sp

Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun and 50 Glue Sticks Bundle – http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/hot-melt-mini-glue-gun-and-50-glue-sticks-bundle/617353-1000?pn_rty=%20sp


Links for all the products discussed in this review

Hobbycraft mini hot melt glue gun – http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/hot-melt-mini-glue-gun/567346-1000

Hot Melt Mini Glue Sticks 7 mm Diameter 12 Pack – http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/hot-melt-mini-glue-sticks-7-mm-diameter-12-pack/567347-1000

Heat Resistant Glue Gun Mat – http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/heat-resistant-glue-gun-mat/609539-1000


Some pictures of items I’ve made whilst practising with the glue gun


Just messing around with glue, ribbon and buttons!


First attempt at a little bow hair clip


Using the glue gun and felt to add some detail to crochet work

Leave a little sparkle where ever you go!


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