Exciting times for my twitch channel!

A couple of really exciting things have happened recently that I just HAD to share. Firstly, for those that don’t follow me on twitter, discord, etc we got our first channel emotes for twitch! There are lots a global emotes you can use, partnered streamers get to have their own emotes that their subs can use globally and then BTTV made it so ANYONE can have emotes to use in their channel. The emotes I have are through BTTV so they can be used on my channel only OR any other channel that has opted in to have them shared in their chat. They were made by the amazing Silentlilac. You can find her on various social medias and such;


These are the emotes, samFLOOF and samSPARKLE. I LOVE them so much! She did an amazing job and I was totally surprised and blown away.





Let me know what you think in the comments!


The other news is that twitch has offered me the affiliate programme! Basically it’s a way for streams who aren’t meeting the higher partnership criteria to still use bits and cheers in their stream (these are given by viewers) and earn money from them. Other feature will be available in time. It’s a really exciting thing to aim for on the way to the larger goal of partnership. Unlike partnership, you don’t apply for it, twitch message/email you when you qualify! And we got the email! It’s really exciting and I was blown away. It’s nice to be recognized. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this I won’t be able to accept it and set it all up but hopefully soon I will and people can get cheering!

If you want more information on the affiliate programme you can find it here.


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