Sam’s Crafty Corner #12


What a week it’s been! I’ve found lots of time to crochet, glue and all kinds of things! I attempted to make a bow with ribbon using a youtube video tutorial and I was pretty happy with how it turned out! I’m looking forward to getting the hair clips so I can make them usable and to trying some more designs!


Look at this cup!! I saw it and my step-daughter chose it as her treat for the week. To be honest, if she hadn’t I think I would have bought it anyway!


I have been running low of stuffing and after nearly sacrificing a sofa cushion, boyf went to hobby craft after work and picked me up a bag of stuffing! Its amazing! Really amazing! The stuff I was using before was re-purposed, it was actually wadding for quilts. It did the same job (or so i thought) but it was made into sheets so its wasn’t as fluffy. I’ve been going crazy making all sorts since I got it and my goodness, I can really see a different especially in the smaller items I make. The stars for example. The old stuffing was flatter because it was made in sheets and this reflected in the stars but with the new stuffing they are all puffy and plump and I’m just in love! It’s super soft and I just want to snuggle into it!




What I’ve been working on

Mini donut pattern by Helloyellowyarn

As I’ve mentioned before I had been waiting on stuffing to make more key-rings and seeing as I finally got some I decided to make something I’d been look at for a while. Got a craving for something sweet and sugary? Why not try a crochet donut? It’s so cute (even if it did turn out a little bigger than i expected) and is the perfect size for a key-ring or to be used in a play set. Baby loves it so this one is going in her play kitchen but it’s the first of many I’m going to be making! You can go to the pattern by clicking here! It’s a simple pattern that’s easy to follow and even has pictures to help you follow it if you need them!


Mermaid By Janedollpatterns

So close to finishing my first mermaid! As in love with this pattern as I was when i started it! I found a new way to cut lengths of yarn for her hair, wrap it around the tops of a dining room chair! Made cutting all the lengths super fast and easy. Can’t wait to start on the next one! You can find this pattern on Janedollpatterns Esty here.


Sylveon By 53Stitches

I love ALL the Pokemon patterns by 53 stitches (you can find them here) and as soon as I saw Sylveon I HAD to make it! I love how all the Pokemon patterns have a similar size and style. They look great all together on a shelf, which is what my step daughter is doing with them, so I look forward to making more of them in the future!




So let’s see…..nice? CHECK…… makes amazing things? CHECK……… mmm i think thats GemKIbvkeverything I’m looking for! Dannymaesbeading is this weeks spotlight. She is new to twitch streaming and is doing great so far! As suggested in her name, she does beading and it blows my mind! Recently, she streamed herself making a bow tie (yes a bow tie) out of tiny beads! It’s mesmerizing to watch! I highly recommend checking her out on twitch and Instagram! She also has a twitter!

All credit for the image goes to dannymaesbeading 


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