New series on my YouTube channel

Hello Hello Hello!

After a busy week something happened that is going to make my days a little busier. On Friday I streamed a game on twitch and after some polls on twitter (I let viewers decide what we play) I settled on Minecraft. Having not played the game for almost a year I was really excited to get back into it. After another poll to decide what modpack, the results chose Ardentcraft: The beginning which is a 1.10 modpack focused around a world filled with zombies that want to eat you! I died A LOT but had so much fun exploring and setting up the first little base.

I had so much fun playing it, it ignited my love for the game so I have decided to make it into a series on YouTube. However, this will be the first series on my YouTube channel that is not totally family friendly. I am going to be doing a mix of traditional let’s play videos and I will be uploading live streams. My live streams are not totally PG and I don’t want to be editing them to take out any cuss words that might slip out. I’m going to be putting LIVE on the videos from the live streams so viewers know before watching which ones are from the live streams. It’s really exciting and I can’t wait to play some more!

For a look at the first episode (2 hour live stream videos) click here!

Or you can visit my gaming YouTube channel by click here!

You can find the modpack Ardentcraft: The beginning on curse here!



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