Sam’s Crafty Corner #13

What a beautiful week! The sun has been shining and we tried to make the most of it. Boyf booked the week off work at the beginning of the year so we spent it visiting places, sorting stuff out and home and generally enjoying the sun.

We got time to take baby sparkles to a new soft play area (she LOVED it and we will definitely be going back!) and after many trips to town, parks and cafes on the weekend we ventured to the beach and had an amazing day with a picnic, ice-cream and a generally content toddler.

I took some time off streaming to spend some time with boyf, going for a meal and enjoying some grown up time without the kids. I really enjoyed it and it helped to recharge my batteries!


What I’ve been working on

Mermaid By Janedollpatterns

She’s finished and I love her so much! I’m already planning the next one! Such a fun pattern, easy to follow and takes less time than you might think. You can find this pattern on Janedollpatterns Esty here.


Sylveon By 53Stitches

Since finishing the Papa Smurf doll we started working on a Sylveon amigurumi. I love the style of 53 stitches patterns and how they all have a similar look and size so had to make more. Since the last update I’ve been working hard on it on stream and I love how its working up! You can find this pattern along with loads more here.


Luna and Artemis By 53Stitches

This is one I’ve been working on in my own time because it is just too cute! I haven’t watched any Sailor Moon but I’ve seen and heard lots about it and think these cats look super cute and my step-daughter will love them! I started by making Artemis (it was too late at night to start using a dark yarn! I never would have seen the stitches haha) but I’m planning on making Luna asap. I don’t currently have the correct felt to make the eyes and yellow moon shape so I may buy some or I might try to crochet them and see how I think that looks. Which ever I go for I know my step daughter will fall in love with them! You can find the pattern here.



This time the spotlight is a gorgeous free ragdoll unicorn pattern by Spin A Yarn Crochet. (You can find them and the pattern here) The pattern is gorgeous and after showing it to baby sparkles, one I’m definitely going to be making in the future. I haven’t seen a unicorn pattern like this one and I love how it looks so much! I can’t wait to try it out!

The image below is from the pattern and is an image of the finished project by Spin a Yarn Crochet.


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