Sam’s Crafty Corner #14

What a week! What beautiful weather! Boyf picked a brilliant week to be off work! We spent lots of time out and bout, finding new places to go and see. Here are some pictures after a trip into town.


Do they do these in my size??


A huge lego build of a wind turbine. It was about 8ft tall and looked amazing!



What I’ve been working on


The hair clips finally arrived and I’m presently surprised with the quality of them. They grip really well into hair and have attached to the bows with hot glue really easily and well. This is the first batch of bows I made being given clips (whilst I was watching Pulpjohnfiction on twitch of course)



Blue bow all done!


Barbie gave me a helping…head to try out the bows!

Luna and Artemis By 53Stitches

I have finished this pattern and the end result is so cute! I decided to use felt I had even if it was a different colour so it’s Artemis inspired! I went with purple eyes rather than the blue and a black crescent moon instead of yellow. I think it turned out really cute and was so fast to work up I’ll certainly be making more! You can find the pattern here.




This time the spotlight is a member of the community who is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. Dustyofpodunk goes out of his way to support people and bring them some smiles along the way. He has recently made a YouTube series documenting himself making a game which has since been finished and has been released (you can find the game here) called BCUK High: Skipping class. He also has other games available to play. You can find all this and more over on his YouTube and twitter.

One of the many ways he contributes to community positivity is by making what he calls weirds which are photoshop pictures and my goodness they are amazing! Some are funny, some are beautiful but they reflect things going on in the community and all bring smiles to peoples faces. Here are a few recent ones he has done for me. I’ve never looked so glorious!


Me with a Sylveon

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