Updating my Minecraft skin!

New series, new minecraft skin right? Recently my love for minecraft has been reignited and I figured seeing as it had been so long since my last series, this new start deserved a new, updated minecraft skin. I used Novaskin and Minecraftskins to find a new skin I like and edit it.

Initially I found a hair style I liked and added it to my existing skin. After playing in game for a while on Wynncraft (a really cool RPG minecraft server that me and few friends did a short series on. You can watch it here) I decided that although it was cool, the hair colours and style didn’t match the flatter colour look of the rest of the skin. The hair was full of softer colours and shading.

download (1)bk

Eventually I found a skin I liked, a skin that matched the hair I liked (it had it already) and to be honest was even better, and the rest of the skin matched. I edited the skin to add a flower crown, modified the hair and some of the arms and leg areas and I changed the eye colour. Although this skin is not totally original I am in love with it! I think its similar enough my old skin without being exactly the same and different enough to be an update! I then went ahead and used Novaskin’s amazing wallpaper feature to make some cool wallpapers showing it off (and included my friend SilentLilac too).

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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