Blender and Timmy’s Rig

For a long time I have been amazed by some of the renders people can create using minecraft skins, items and full backgrounds. On my skin update post I showed you some preset ones on NovaSkin and in an older section of the blog I had a post spotlighting BrendanDoesRenders who is a person that…well…does renders! You can find the spotlight here.


One BrendanDoesRender created for me

Ever since I first saw them I wanted to make them myself. I like how they look on NovaSkin but they don;t have the 3D effects, I can’t make them with a transparent background and on other programmes I’ve found images don’t look as crisp and clean and sometimes look a little fuzzy.


A quick posed photo using NovaSkin

There are a few programmes you can use to create these images such as cinema 4D and…… but i settled on Blender. It’s free which was a big plus because this was something I wanted to try out to see if I enjoyed doing it and if I enjoyed the results. I have previously tried out Blender and a variety of rigs but I just couldn’t seem to figured it out so after some time away I decided to reinstall and have another go!

new haha.png

The first time I tried to use Blender many months ago

I had previously used a rig called Timmy’s Rig to make my render images and I decided that because I knew a little about it I would use it again. This time I feel like I am able to use it much more confidently and look forward to trying all sorts out with it. You can find the rig for download here.

I found a brilliant tutorial on youtube using Timmy’s Rig by Sinder5 (click here) that I thought was easy to follow and I liked how he went through every step clearly, even helping those without number pads and those who may not know the key-binds and even explained which version of Blender you needed because Timmy’s rig doesn’t seem to work with the latest version. I spent about two hours watching two of the tutorials and decided to have a go with a little extruded hair and then a pose and lighting change. I really like how it came out and I’m looking forward to practising and getting better!


Very basic with minimal hair extrusion


Changed the pose and played around with the lighting


2 thoughts on “Blender and Timmy’s Rig

    • samphorea says:

      I don’t know how you make the actual rig, I downloaded a free one called timmys rig. There are a few different programmes you can use such as cinema 4d but blender if free so i use that. Then i just searched for a rig that could be used in blender and found youtube tutorials on how to do it 🙂 a long process but it’s something I really wanted to learn to do myself!


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