Sam’s Crafty Corner #15

What a changed of weather! It’s been hot hot hot this week and we have been making the most of it! Going to Southport to hang out in the arcade and outdoor play areas (and treating baby sparkles to a Mcflurry), spending fathers day at the beach and hours playing at the park! Here are a few pictures:


Couldn’t have wished for nicer weather in Southport


Father’s day at the beach!

Once again after the sunshine came a week of rain so after trying to think of many different things we could do indoors, we settled on trying our hand at making some homemade sleepmasks. Not ones to sleep in, we were going to be using fabric and glue, but ones to play with. The sparkles had been asking for some for ages so we figured it could be fun thing to do, and it was. We plan on doing it again soon using the sewing machine this time so they stay together better but for now these will do the job nicely!


Some of the material we used


What I’ve been working on

Squirtle By 53Stitches

Seeing as I have made so many Pokemon, the majority made using 53stitches amazing patterns, it was only a matter of time before I made Squirtle, (click here). In amigurumi form he is super cute and once again the pattern was well written, easy to follow and I always love how they are full of pictures if you need a little extra guidance, which I find super helpful at the end when sewing it all together! I asked twitch chat after I had finished Sylveon what we should make next and they chose Squirtle! I even attempted to make sunglasses for him however, after a little messing they didn’t really work out and soon became evil eyebrows instead! Really gives this little guy some extra character!


Getting there! (and looking super cute already!)


Jousting with Sylveon


Teddiursa By KatCreations

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to ask viewers what they would like to see me make. A very good friend of mine suggest Teddiursa (and stills laugh at me because I can’t say it properly) as it was his favourite pokemon. This is what we have been working on. I found this cute free pattern by KatCreations (click here) and set to work!


Squirtle was giving me a helping hand



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