Thinking about my health

I’ve also been on a bit of health kick this past week. I’ve started eating better and even got a fitbit (purple of course). I’ve been feeling very motivated to get healthier so I’m going at it all guns blazing! I’m following the slimming world plan at home. I’m finding it really enjoyable as is my partner. I’m enjoying cooking again and trying new things whilst also improving our health. My main goal is to loose weight and after a few week I can already see a different. I am not weighing myself (we have no scales in the house) but I’m more focused on how I feel about myself and what I see rather than the numbers (atleast for now). I’ll keep updating as I progress.


Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary vegetarian sausages with lots of salad and homemade paprika wedges! YUM!


Honey and Soy chicken with stir fried veg and noodles

This meal was delicious and so easy to make! Using Fry-lite I fried off chopped red onions, peppers, grated carrot, spring onions, mushrooms and runner beans. Added the chicken and when that was cooked through I added a homemade marinade using honey and soy sauce and left it to cook until the sauce had turned sticky (and before everything burnt!) Just before serving I cooking the dry egg noodles in a pan of boiling water for about 4 mins (as instructed on the package) and dinner was served!


Hmm…How many steps can I do in a day?

I also saw online pound-land were selling a litre drinks dispenser that would fit in the fridge for only £1! We went into town and picked on up and its amazing! We used to use a jug in the fridge to keep drinks cool but it was a little large. This fits perfectly and the little tap on the font means it’s easy for even the kids to dispense when they want it. Along with this I also picked up a 1 litre water bottle from B and M for £2.99. It comes in a range of colours (I couldn’t find a purple one though!) and has measurements on the side so you can make sure your getting enough throughout the day.



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