Sam’s Crafty Corner #16

Busy busy week! The kids are finishing school soon and the summer holidays begin! I’m super excited for the holidays. I don’t have much planned so far but it will just be nice to spend some time with baby sparkles before she goes back in September to full time school! I wanted to get the teachers something for the end of the year so I packaged up some of the star key-rings I had made and added tags written by baby sparkles. I hope they liked them! I thought they looked super cute.


Something I discussed during a live-stream was the possibility of doing giveaways either during stream or through Instagram by doing a “What am I making” guessing game. I make something on stream and during creation I let the chat guess what I’m making. The first to guess correctly wins something, a game key or a crochet key-ring or maybe something else. Or I put pictures up on Instagram and then let people guess that way. I haven’t thought it all out yet or decided on whats going to happen but I think it could be something to get people involved in what I’m doing and to let people have a chance of winning something (because who doesn’t love free stuff!) It’s not all finalized yet but it’s something exciting to look out for!


What I’ve been working on

Wisper By Marsh Fang

I love making things from games or TV that I enjoy. I recently started making a Junimo from Stardew Valley but never finished it (I will soon!) ad since making that I’ve been wanting to make something from Starbound. After a quick look on pintrest the only pattern I could find was for a Wisper. It’s a super cute character from Starbound that lives in the ice/snow worlds. I found the awesome pattern here. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I definitely agree with the creators comments on making four feet instead of two. It really does help it stand up MUCH better! (I initially made two and he would not stand up!)  I am have some plans in the future to make some more of the enemies and critters in Starbound in crochet form and making up patterns myself for them so keep an eye out for those!


Snow white by Two Hearts Crochet

Baby sparkles has been at me yet again to make her some princess dolls. I was going to make her dolls using the mermaid pattern I bought and adapt it to other princesses but I figured that would mean a lot of rather large dolls. She likes to play with them in her dolls house. So, after some searching I was so pleased to find this set of patterns by Two hearts crochet for a set of Mini princesses. They do have a selection of patterns for some slightly bigger versions but after starting Snow white the mini ones were the perfect size for her dolls house and cars! I can’t wait to finish Snow White and get on with the rest. The patterns were easy to follow and worked up in no time at all! You can find the pattern here.


Hanging out with Wisper while waiting for arms and hair



I searched high and low on Pinterest for Harry Potter and Dumbledore amigurumi patterns. I have seen so many cute, little Harry Potter amigurumi’s and really wanted to try make one myself. I LOVE Harry Potter. It was one of things that me and my Grandma had in common (that and crafting of course!) and we would spend hours making things talking about Harry Potter. I couldn’t find any free patterns I liked so I’m planning on free handing some and trying to make my own. I also found some amazing imagines of Hargrid and Dumbledore. I love the floof you can get on Dumbledores beard so I knew he had to be the first one i tried. I found a page called The Crafty Cattery who had posted a series of photos of their own Harry Potter amigurumi makes, (you can find it here). They explained they had used another pattern, (you can find it here), for a crochet Nativity Joseph and adapted it for the Harry Potter characters. I decided to give it a go as I have adapted patterns before, using one pattern as a base and then changing it to look like something else, (I used Amelyths Little People pattern to create a Papa Smurf. You can see that here) so that is what I am currently doing. I’m excited to see the end result and then start work on the rest of the gang!


Teddiursa By KatCreations

During live-streams we have been continuing to work on Teddidididursa (an affectionate name we have given him because I can’t say Teddiursa properly!) He know has ears, arms, a tail and a muzzle area on his face. He should be finished over the next one or two live-streams! (click here to go to the pattern)



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