Crafting with the kids

It’s finally the summer holidays and although I’m looking forward to spending time with Baby sparkles, meeting up for play-dates with her friends and not having to set an alarm in the morning to get up, 7 weeks is a long time; especially when the first week of the holiday has so far done nothing but rain! Finding things to do inside is ALWAYS needed so I was happy when walking home one evening to see a new craft shop pop-up on our high street. We have a few shops here that sell craft supplies but figured a shop dedicated to it would be nice to visit. The lady there was really kind and helpful and Baby sparkles had a brilliant time choosing out what items we wanted and enjoyed explaining to the shop owner what we planned on making with them.

We have ALOT of craft supplies already at home but not much of it Baby sparkles is able to use. Yes, we have paper, pens, colours and paint (although that’s all but run out at this point) but it’s nice to have some things she can use without me hovering over going “don’t use to much” or “lets not use that for that picture”.

She settled on a few items that I think will make for lots of crafty fun this summer! The total was just over £7 and I was happy to be supporting a local business!



Her first creation!



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