Sam’s Crafty Corner #18

Of course I had to get sick during the summer holidays! After some indigestion/heartburn/re-flux issues my throat is super sore and I sound so husky! Even though I’ve been trying to rest I’ve been getting sick of being indoors in the lovely weather so we have spent a lot of time at the various local parks and going for walks around the local area.

When we have been inside I’ve been taking the time to do lots of crafty things (baby’s school report said she was very creative, wonder where she gets that from!) and as well the things I discussed in the crafting with the kids post (click here to read it) I’ve been trying to do more cooking with them. We do a lot of baking, making muffins, cupcakes, etc but not much cooking together. She settled on making a fruit salad (not cooking per say but it’s a start) so I chopped up an apple while she peel and orange and chopped up a slice of melon and a slice of mango. Then she mixed in some spoonfuls of fat free natural yogurt and I chopped up half a breakfast bar and sprinkled it on top! It went down a treat!



I’ve had to take some time from streaming because I just couldn’t talk but Friday evening I managed to stream and did some crochet. We got a lot done and it felt so good to be back streaming and creating.


What I’ve been working on

Teddiursa by Kat’s Creations

He’s finally finished…..sort of. We completed the crochet on stream then attempted to make a face using felt. Safe to say he looked rather scary! We ended up just going with it, adding some teeth to make him extra mean. I don’t think he will stay like that but it made a great talking point for new people joining the stream! (Click to go to the pattern)


Screenshot from the end of the stream

Molly the Magical Unicorn CAL by Jackie Laing

I don’t currently sell my crochet projects or take commissions (hopefully that will change in the future), but I do take requests from viewers on what they want to see me make. I have a list and then next thing on that list was a unicorn. We started making the unicorn from despicable me but the pattern was turning out HUGE! I don’t have room for another huge teddy so we switched to another, a smaller unicorn that was actually part of a crochet along! Its working up really well so far and as with most of what I make, I’m sure I’ll be making more than one of these! You can find part 1 of the pattern here and the rest of the pattern is on the site too!


It was a brilliant excuse to try out some of the new yarn I picked up from Widnes market and it’s the same great quality I’ve come to expect from them. You can read all about it on the last Crafty Corner by clicking here.


Dragon egg dice bag By Cindy de Vries

I’ve made one of these before and knew it wouldn’t be long before I made some more. I love them and so do the kids, so I decided to use some of the yarn I was given from Poundland (3 balls of 50g yarn for £2). I had a few different ones to chose from but I decided on using a sparkle blue yarn. Sometimes this yarn can be a bit difficult because the sparkle is a shimmer thread and it has previously gotten easily caught on the hook. This time however it’s working up really nice and I have so many different colours of this type of yarn that a set of sparkle dragon egg bags is going to look gorgeous! Click here to go to the pattern!


Crochet Coasters By Lulu Loves

I had been meaning to make some of these for a while now but I hadn’t found a pattern that I really wanted to make. After searching through Pinterest I found these super cute ones. They work up really quick and easy and I think they look really nice. To me they have a vintage feel and I think that adds to their super cute charm. You can try it for yourself by clicking here to go to the pattern!


Pink, purple and mint green are the colours I’m using

Granny Bunting Crochet Triangles By WollyWondersCrochet

Another thing I had been eyeing up for a while, bunting for the kids room. We can’t change the wallpaper or paint so using things like bunting means I can personalize their room without having to re-decorate. I’ve seen so many different ones I wanted to try, strawberry and bee bunting, flower bunting, even caravan bunting! I decided to start with the traditional triangle bunting and found a cute pattern for Granny square triangles! I made them up, two of each colour, with 4 rounds of stitches but you could easily make them bigger or smaller. They do curl at the corners a little as expected but you could block them to straighten them out. I’m going to be crocheting them together and then adding a few pieces of yarn to the bottom of each triangle as a tassel. This particular pattern is a YouTube video. It’s easy to follow and they explain things really well. Click here to go to the video..


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