My character/alias in crochet – Part 1

Ever since I started crocheting I’ve loved amigurumi; little animals, dolls and characters from all kinds of books, films and games. It makes up the majority of the items I make and since I started (many moons ago) I’ve always loved the idea of making a doll that looks like me. It would be so cool to have something totally customized and based on yourself.

A lot has changed this I started crocheting; I now have a blog, a YouTube channel, I livestream and have various social media accounts which have all been created under my online alias “Samphorea”. In the beginning I used my minecraft skin as my profile picture and since then I have had various pieces made to represent myself, and used those as my “face”.

new haha

Made this myself in blender. One of many early profile pictures

I wanted to make a chibi style image to represent myself and my character and eventually stumbled upon this chibi maker (click to go there). It’s simple to use and I styled it very much on my minecraft character skin.


I won a competition on twitter to have a pixel gif of a character (I’ve tried multiple times to find who made it but I can’t find any of the messages. If I find it I will add it in) so I sent over my chibi and from that they created the awesome gif below. I ended up putting it into photoshop and taking a still to use as an image for profiles and thumbnails.


I was then contacted by AlmightLeroy on twitter who asked if they could create some art for me. They make super cool art and have a great style so of course I said yes! They create some NSFW (not safe for work) art as well as more safe for work. You should definitely check them out!



These were created by AlmightyLeroy. Click here to go their twitter! 

I have fallen in love with this character, this other part of me and although my face is not hidden or a secret anymore, this character was my face for a long time. This is why when I got thinking about how I now feel I have the skills to make a doll of me I would love to make one of my alias character. On top of that I’ve been looking at making my own patterns and I saw a fair few patterns I could customize to make my doll, I figured if i was changing so much why not just free hand it and make the whole up as I went along, so it was totally unique.

And that’s where I started!





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