Free Crochet Wrist Pin Cushion Pattern

I love pins and they come in super useful. I have a pin holder I crocheted, a little cupcake one (Click here for that pattern by Sarah Hearn) and it works perfectly however since I began to use my sewing machine more I found that I that my pin cushion was never where I wanted it. I thought about attaching it to my sewing machine somehow however, unless I used Velcro I could detach it. After looking at some sewing YouTube videos I found quite a few used a pin cushion they could have on their wrist. I loved this idea so decided to crochet one!

Crochet Wrist Pin Cushion

By Samphorea




  • Yarn of your colour choice and hook to match yarn weight. I used DK yarn and a 3.5mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends
  • Stitch marker
  • Stuffing
  • Cardboard (I used an old cereal box)
  • Elastic, ribbon, button, whatever you want to make the wrist band out of
  • Glue gun (I used elastic and attached it using the glue gun)


  • mc – Magic circle
  • st – Stitch
  • ch – chain
  • sc – Single crochet
  • hdc – Half-double crochet
  • slst – Slip stitch
  • dec – a single crochet decrease across the next two stitches
  • *…..* – repeat

Extra Information

This pattern is created in rounds. Do not attach to the first stitch of the previous round when you finish a row, continue to crochet around and mark the first stitch of each row with a stitch marker so you no where the rows start and end.

The pattern is written using US crochet terminology. Numbers in () are the total stitch count at the end of each row.


Row 1 – 10hdc into the mc – (10)

Row 2 – 2hdc in each st – (20)


Row 3 -*hdc, 2hdc in the next st* – (30)

At this point you want to cut out a circle of cardboard the same size as your crochet circle. This will be put into the piece under the stuffing to stop pins hitting your arm and to make the bottom completely flat.

Row 4 – In the back loops only, hdc in each st – (30)

Row 5-9 – hdc in each st – (30)

I based this on how long my pins are. If you pins are longer I would recommend adding rows of hdc until its tall enough.


Place the cardboard in the bottom as we are going to next decrease stitches to close the top. From here you can stuff firmly as you go.


Row 10 – *hdc, dec* – (20)

Row 11 – *dec* – (10)

Row 12 – *dec*

Fasten off, leaving a long tail to weave/sew in. I weaved the tail through the remaining stitches to close the hole first, then weaved in the remainder of the tail.


I decided to attach my pin cushion to a length of elastic that I would attach using a glue gun. You can sew the elastic on or use something else such as ribbon or crochet a strap and using Velcro or a button to close it around your wrist. It’s up to you!

I measured a length of elastic around my wrist and cut it to length. I then used a glue gun to attach it to the bottom, flat part of the pin cushion (where the cardboard is).


and that’s it!

It is a basic wrist pin cushion but I hope if you make it, it comes in super handy! You can customize it many different ways as I’ve explain but you could take it further and add a ribbon boarder or frills around the bottom of the pin cushion, add a pompom to the top, all sorts!



I would ask that you do not copy this pattern or pass it off as your own, please credit me. Feel free to use it and I’d love to see what you make!

Any problems with the pattern please feel free to contact me anyway you wish or leave a comment below!


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