Sam’s Crafty Corner #19

Just over half way through the summer holidays and it’s been raining yet again most of the week. We took some time to go to a soft play area and have tried to go out for a walk everyday whilst dodging the rain. I’m looking forward to this week because it’s meant to brighten up.

I am super excited for upcoming projects. I am hoping to write a post about my bullet journal. I have been using it for about a month now and thought it would be cool to let you know how I’ve been using it and what I’ve found helpful to include in it.

Finally got my sewing machine out again after about a year of it living above the wardrobe. Now baby sparkles is a little older I feel much better about having it out and using it whilst she is around. She is fascinated by it and below I go more into detail about what I’ve been creating with it.



What I’ve been working on


Dragon Egg dice bag By Cindy de Vries

I finished the blue sparkle bag and moved straight onto a purple sparkle one. Using the same yarn as mentioned in the previous post (Sam’s crafty corner #18) but in a dark purple with pink/purple shimmer in it. This one is going to be a gift but I think making a set with all the different sparkle yarns would look awesome on a shelf or a display. Baby Sparkles has decided she wants one made into a bag which I think is a great idea. I saw a backpack using the crocodile stitch but I’m going to add a strap to this pattern to make an over the shoulder bag for her. I can’t wait! You can try out the pattern yourself by clicking here!


On to the next one!


Blue one is all finished!


Half way through the summer holidays and I’ve finally had chance to get out the sewing machine. I posted some pictures on Instagram of my first attempts at some sewing in months! After cleaning the machine and threading, I tried out some stitches and was pleasantly surprised that it was sewing better than I remember when I was last using it! It has been about 8 months to a year since I last used it so a long time. Then, because she is a sweetheart, baby sparkles asked me to make some dolls clothes for her Barbies. I figured this would be a good way to make something small and try out some things. I don’t know a lot about sewing. I’ve made some pillow cases, some skirts for my daughter when she was little and a crochet hook case (which I’m most proud of). So I made the little skirt for her barbie with some strawberry poly-cotton and since then she’s asked me for jackets, tops, dresses, all sorts! I love how much faith she has in my ability but I did explain I need to learn and practise some more until I can make all those things so watch this space!




Whilst live streaming we have been continuing to work on the unicorn pattern by Jackie Laing (click here to go to the pattern). You can see the first part on the last crafty corner post, but since then we’ve made arms, legs and a body. It’s looking super cute and although it is a little bigger than I thought, I’m not good at visualising how big things will be from measurements, it’s not too big and I think it’s going to be a brilliant size for snuggling!



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