Getting back in the groove! – 08/09/17

It’s been a while since I posted just a life post so I thought with so much going on now would be a great time.

Firstly, I CAN GET BACK TO REGULAR STREAMS! School starts back up in a few days and although I have thoroughly enjoyed the summer holidays, baby sparkles has had a tough time sleeping since school broke up which has meant I’ve been super tired and not had time to do much. I will be able to stream Monday to Friday and hopefully for longer than I could previously so I’m very very excited for things I have planned and what the future holds.

However, I am super nervous about baby starting school. She’s moving into full time school (previously half days). She has been in a full day nursery before, whilst I was at uni, but not for a while and this time it’s not just playing all day; she’s older and is going to be learning to read and write and all sorts of things. She’s very excited and so am I!

I have been continuing with the healthy eating. So far I have dropped a dress size and continue to work towards loosing weight and getting healthier. I already feel the benefits; clothes aren’t as tight and I can run around loads more at the park! For dinner tonight I’ve made campfire stew using gammon, beans and various spices in the slow cooker. It smells amazing AND for anyone following slimming world, IT’S SYN FREE!

I’m looking forward to the next few months and what they hold!


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