Sam’s Crafty Corner #20

The summer holidays are nearing the end and for the most part, it’s gone by pretty fast. I wish we had more good weather (no change there) but on the whole its been super fun. We’ve gotten to spend lots of time together, doing new things, going to new places and I’ve been able to get working on new and exciting things;even got the sewing machine out! The end of the summer marks baby sparkles move into full time school. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, I’ll probably be crying on the first day, but I am looking forward to the extra few hours I’m going to have to get things done!


What I’ve been working on


Crochet Wrist Pin Cushion By…..ME!

One of the things I’ve been itching to do for a while is making my own crochet pattern. I love the idea of other people making and enjoying something that I have created. I started writing a pattern for a crochet bunny (which will be happening in the future) but found for a first pattern it was a bit too much, too daunting. So after getting back into sewing and watching some YouTube videos on the basics I saw a few were wearing a pincushion on their wrist. After making a skirt for my daughters Elsa doll (see it here in Sams Crafty Corner #19) I realised my pin cushion (the cupcake one, you can see it and the pattern here) just wasn’t where I needed it and wasn’t working for me when I was sewing and for example, taking pins out of material as they were being sewn together. So before even taking a look around I figured this would be something I could create myself and so I did! You can find the pattern here or by using the menu at the top of the page and looking in Patterns! Let me know if you make it and how you get on!



Dragon Egg dice bag By Cindy de Vries

I’ve been busy making more of these. At the moment I’m putting together a package for a friend as a little surprise and in there is of course a dragon egg dice bag. The friends actually has a collection of dice so it’s perfect! This one I made in a sparkly purple yarn. I think it looks awesome!


Sneak peak at my custom crochet amigurumi doll

In a recent post I explained all about how I wanted, for a long time, to create a custom amigurumi doll based on my alias/character “Samphorea”. You can read about it in the blog post “My character/alias in crochet”. I will be continuing this part 1 with posts showing the progress, what I’m doing and any tips or tricks I’ve picked up for making clothes, hair and anything else the doll will entail. However, while that is a work in progress here is a little sneak peak at how far I’ve gotten so far. I made her some shorts and shoes and at the moment these are super simple but I plan on adding more detail to them with service stitches and embroidery. I can’t wait to keep working on it!





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