My character/alias in crochet – Part 2

Now you know how my character/alias was created and developed (if not, check out the part 1) it’s time to get to the crochet. I have made a couple of mini dolls before and a mermaid (a brilliant paid pattern by Janedollpatterns) but not many and not without a pattern. I used the skills and knowledge I have from previous projects to create this one.


I started with the legs. I made both legs then attached them together with a chain of 2. Then I crochet around them to attach them both together and create the body (I prefer this method to crocheting the legs and body separately and then sewing them together). I created a slight waist by increasing then decreasing the stitches at the hips a few stitches then crochet straight up until the body was as long as I wanted it. I found judging the length of all the doll parts to be a little difficult and it I tried a few different lengths before I was happy with it. The top of the body was left open so I could attach the head securely and the arms were also crocheted separately.


When I attached the head I did accidentally attach it with the eyes slightly to one side so it looks like the doll is looking to the left. I actually like this and will not be fixing it because I think it gives the doll character!



Then it was time for some clothes!


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