Sam’s crafty corner #21

This week has been lots of fun. Baby sparkles has gone back to school and is enjoying it so much! I’ve been able to get back into my routine of housework, streaming and creating (and the occasional nap but that’s between us, shhh!)

There are a couple of fun projects coming up that you can get involved in too. I am going to be participating in the furls crochet September amigurumi CAL, streaming it on a Monday starting Monday the 18th of Sept. More information can be found on the furls websiteMore information can be found on the furls website and those who want to can crochet along with me (information on this can be found in my discord). I am in no way affiliated with furls, I just thought the pattern (OWLS!) was super cute, they even have little scarfs, and as a lover of Harry Potter, I need a Hedwig!

For a while I’ve been looking at getting a cutting mat, not only for cutting fabric but for general crafting and I thought it might be a nice background for my streams. At the moment we have a black mat on the desk (its a glass-top desk) that sits under the keyboard. It makes my streams look very dark and I’ve found it can throw of the colour balance of the camera. I’ve used a white sheet of paper on it before but A4 isn’t really large enough it it just moves around and gets in the way. I found this one on ebay for just under £5. I can a day before expected which was nice and so far I’m really happy with it! After getting this one I did see a few purple ones (I’m still tempted to get one) but the ones I found didn’t just have the grid this one has, it had extra guidelines for cutting different shapes and angles, which is great but I thought it would look to busy on stream.





Loom knitting a hat

With baby back at school I can resume streaming and creating and all that good stuff. I have really lovely viewers that help me create an awesome and supportive community. One of the brilliant things so far is the wide range of crafts people do and how encouraging and helpful they are when people want to try something new. A few of my friends loom knit but because I learnt how to knit with needles, I’ve never tried loom knitting. After talking about it to a few people I remember last year my step-daughter got a loom knitting kit for Christmas! So, I went and grabbed it and some yarn and tried my hand on it. I’ve really enjoyed it so far but it does seem to make my wrists ache faster than crochet does. The needle you use to pull the yarn loops over each other was missing so I used a small crochet hook which worked well. I love the yarn colour (it came with the pack) but it is a bit scratchy. For a first try I don’t mind the quality of the yarn and I’m hoping after a wash it will soften up.



Being able to stream again has meant I can continue with more of the Unicorn. I did a little off stream but I finished the legs and arms and started assembly. It’s looking super cute so far and I can’t wait for baby sparkles to see it!



Little Pumpkin Crochet Pattern by Petals to Picots

Autumn and Winter are my favourite months and this year I’ve found myself have much more motivation and enthusiasm for holidays and decorating and all that fun stuff. I’ve even started Christmas shopping after vowing last year was the last time I’d still be running around for things Christmas eve! With that in mind I asked my viewers what they would like to see me crochet during October that had a Halloween theme. After someone suggested pumpkins and a quickly pinterest search I found this gorgeous pattern for little pumpkins by Petals to Picots (click here for the pattern)! They are the perfect size for me to use as decor in my stream background and the kids love them!





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