Sam’s Crafty Corner #22

Busy week! Love having all this time to create and work and just generally be productive! It’s been regularly raining, cold and even foggy at times, baby sparkles has a cough and a cold, I’ve got the sniffles but all in all we have had a really fun week!

This week I finally gave in an ordered more stitch markers after getting down to only two! They came a couple of days after ordering and are in a range of lovely colours, they look like little sweeties. I picked up a pack of 100 because I tend to loose them or have many different projects going on at once so I’m using a few at once.






Finally finished this lovely little unicorn. I used a gorgeous sparkly variegated yarn for the mane and brushed out a pink tail until it was fluffy! You can find the pattern here.


Little people pattern by Amelyth

I have used this pattern to make a few dolls and my kids can’t get enough of them! I’ve started making the forth, see below, and I’m already planning the colours for the next. I also went back and made the first one I ever made a pink backpack with a little wooden heart button. So cute! You can find Amelyth on twitter here.



Furls Crochet September amigurumi CAL

I have been looking around the furls website for a while. They have a few really cute patterns that have been released as CAL’s (including the Molly the Unicorn) so I was really excited to see the September amigurumi CAL! I’ve never participated in a CAL, I usually end up finding the once they have finished which is great if I have some time to sit and make the whole thing but I do like the idea of waiting and having a set time every week where I can sit down and work on something. As soon as I saw the picture of the little own for this one I knew i had to make it. As a big Harry Potter fan I thought it would be a fabulous little Hedwig (I may even make the scarf in Griffindor colours). I decided to stream it so that viewers could do it along with me if they wish. It came out a few days before the stream so I started making a light brown one too, so I could get a feel for the pattern and I can never have too many cute owls in scarfs right??!




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