Sam’s Crafty Corner #23

BIRTHDAY! It’s my stepdaughters birthday this month! Can’t believe she’s going to be 11! She chose pizza and a unicorn cake so I spent one afternoon with baby sparkles putting together a unicorn cake! I have NO cake decorating talent what so ever so I’m pleased with what I put together and with a few more hours, and another box of icing sugar, I’m sure the next one will be even better! She’s not fond of fondant icing so I stuck with buttercream. I didn’t have time to do a crumb coat so the icings a little speckled with crumbs but it will be eaten in two seconds flat so they won’t care!


Found these to use on top! Aren’t they cute!



My very good friend Silentlilac (find her on twitter here and twitch here) put some of her emotes made by the talented Amelyth (find her on twitter here and twitch here) onto RedBubble as part of her 1k twitch follower celebration! You can have the image put onto a wide range of items including stickers, notebooks, phone cases, and many more. I chose a sticker and I am so happy with it! The sticker itself looks awesome and they actually sent another sticker in the parcel too. The package came pretty quickly and I love the packaging they use! All I have to do now is find somewhere to stick it!


Really cool packaging!


She’s so cute!!!!

As you may no I LOVE tea and this week I went and grabbed Twinings popcorn green tea from our local B and M store. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m super excited too. I finally got around to trying the vanilla chai tea and I really enjoyed it.





Furls Crochet September amigurumi CAL

We finished the owl this week on stream as part two was released. You can see part one in the last crafty corner by clicking here. It was really easy to follow, worked up fast and my goodness is it super super cute!!! If you want to make one (or many!!) for yourself you can find the second part of the CAL on the Furls crochet website by clicking here.


Totoro By 53Stitches

I had been looking to do another pattern by 53Stitches because I love them! We have done quite a few of them and they are all easy to follow and end up looking so cute! I found the Totoro pattern and after asking my twitch viewers what they would like to see, we started making it. I’ve never used felt behind safety eyes before but if found the result looks really cool and it was easy to do. I can’t cut circles or draw then very well so I made a slit in the felt sheet, put the eye through it and cut around the eye leaving a little gap so the white was visible. I found this worked perfectly and meant that they were pretty even and I didn’t have to worry about messing it up over and over and wasting felt. This pattern is available on the 53Stitches website/tumblr which you can get to by clicking here.


I love how surprised it looks at this point!


One of the cutest things I’ve ever made!


Just look at that tail!!!


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