Random thoughts – I’m an adult!

I’ve found since having my daughter and being responsible for my own home I keep having these little moments where I do something and think “wow, I’m really an adult now”. In my mind I don’t feel much different to when I was 20 but I have a totally different life compared to then.

This happened when I bought a mop, bought liquid-tabs for the washing machine and most recently when I bought a plug in air freshener. We never had these when I was growing up, it was something my friends had. It made me think about my life now and how, somehow, I’ve become a responsible adult!

I love this time of year but so far Christmas has meant last minute running around and a mad dash to make sure I’ve got everything I want/need. This year I’ve started already, being organised and thoughtful. (I even managed to get my step-daughters birthday presents done a month early). This year I definitely feel different about it all and I’m enjoying it so much!


Random thoughts from inside my mind ❤


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