Sam’s Crafty Corner #24

How is it October already?? Can time please slow down?

I feel this year ( I say this most years) has flown by so fast. Seeing as its October and nearly Halloween I have been taking suggestions from my twitch community on what to make. I also got chance to try out some new crafts and pick up some old ones I haven’t tried in years.

One project that arrived is the 5D diamond painting (or at-least that’s what those in the Facebook crochet group called it and I found it on Ebay using that search term). I chose a giraffe I saw and I am super excited to try it out. Basically, the image is sticky and you attach little gem type things to it using the key.





Perler Bead kit

I did perler beads (we had Hama beads) a lot when I was younger. I loved making little coasters and pictures for my family. We eventually got rid of the beads and I never picked up anymore until I saw lots of people making them on twitch, live streaming their creations. I hadn’t thought about those tiny beads for ages and it motivated me to want to try them again, especially as I am now older and feel I could make something more elaborate than a coaster. I didn’t want to jump right in and buy loads of boards and beads in case I didn’t enjoy it so after a quick ebay search I found a little kit to make a dream catcher that included boards and even bells! I live streamed making it and it was just as much fun as i remember. I will be buying more beads soon hopefully (it is my birthday next month so possibly treating myself) but I can’t wait and already have lots of ideas of what I want to make.




As I mentioned above I also spent some time trying out crafts I haven’t done in a long while. My Mommar taught me how to knit when I was about 8 yrs old so its been a long time. In uni I knitted my new friends a phone case each with their name and some designs on it (I wish I could find some pictures to show you). At the same time I learnt to crochet and make amigurumi and that took over. I ended up given my needles to a friends that wanted to learn ow to knit and that was that. I always check the local show for crochet and craft magazines and they have a new knitting one in. Being new the first edition was only 99p and came with patterns, how to basics, needles and some yarn, so after grabbing that I sat down and had a go! After the first few rows it all came flooding back to me and I am proud of the little doll blanket I made. I’m looking forward to making some other things and learning new stitches and skills such as cabling.




I then wanted to try some ribbing and used some black sparkly yarn! I love it so far and think it’s going to make a pretty good first attempt at a scarf.




I made some more pumpkins on stream and viewers decided they would like to see a face on one of them. We ended up with a little smirking pumpkin using felt and a glue gun. I think he looks super cute! We then started working on a rainbow pumpkin using chunky yarn. I may have to make two because so far the first one is looking very blue and green. The yarn colour changes are quite long, so I may make a second to showcase the red, pink and purple colours. These were made using the Petals To Picots pattern (the same ones I used to make the pumpkins in Crafty corner #21 ) You can find this pattern here!


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