Sam’s Crafty Corner #25

Its been cold to the point I’ve had a cardigan AND a dressing gown on, and then it got so warm, when we went for a day trip out to Blackpool I just wore a cardigan! We’ve been given a weather warning for wind this week so fingers crossed it isn’t as bad as they are expecting.

We had a brilliant time in Blackpool. We went with family and the kids loved spending time together; they don’t get to see each other often. We ate fish and chips at the beach, playing the arcade on 2p machines and won key-rings and then had a look in the shops and bough fudge and rock. We had a walk along the pier and then looked at all the Christmas lights and we were very lucky that it didn’t rain and even later on it was rather warm!





This week I’ve worked more on the scarf, even doing a little bit of it on stream. I have learnt how to pick up and fix dropped stitches which is super useful to know. I am thinking about doing a little stream/video showing a beginners guide to knitting (and possible crochet) as many people ask me how to do it and if I could show them. Looking forward to practising my knitting more and learning new techniques.

nFoEom-j (1)

Scarf along with the crochet rainbow pumpkin we finished!

I then started to knit a blanket for my daughters Christmas present. It’s a doll blanket for her new dolly Santa is getting her. I have some pretty yarn that my Mommar gave to me a while ago so I figured it would be perfect for it! I’m using garter and stocking stitches to give it some texture without being to complicated for my limited knitting skills. So far I think it looks pretty and I think she will love it!

p5Ue3bd2 (1)

C2C Blanket

Alongside the knitted blanket I wanted to make her a crochet one too. She LOVES playing house and uses lots of blankets to make beds for teddies and dolls. She’s always after smaller ones that don’t bury her teddies so I decided to make one using C2C. It’s been ages since I’ve done a C2C blanket but I love making them. I actually found three I have on the go upstairs that I was making for Christmas a few years back so I plan on finishing those this year too. Her favourite colour has changed to purple and pink so those are the colours I’m going to use for this blanket. I tried using a 5mm hook but found the holes to be too big so I’m using a 4mm. I am finding the texture of the blanket, at-least for the little bit I’ve made so far, is a little stiff and tight so next time I would try a 4.5mm which hopefully would be a good middle between the two.

2 thoughts on “Sam’s Crafty Corner #25

    • samphorea says:

      It was nice taking the kids to the same ones we went to when we were little. Many hours spent there trying to win teddies from the claw machines too!
      Thank you! I’m glad you like it!


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