Sam’s Crafty Corner – The End?

When I started this series of blog posts I wanted it to showcase what I had been up to on a weekly basis. I haven’t been able to keep up with it and I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do with the blog and where I want it to go moving forward.

I feel like a weekly update of what I’m up to is a great way to show what I’m making, learning and discovering. I don’t feel that having it numbered and called Sam’s crafty corner is the way to go.

I’ve set myself some goals for the remainder of the year, one being to upload a blog post at least once a week.

I will be continuing to improve and develop what I am doing but in the short term I am going to be renaming sams crafty corner it to WIP Wednesday. This will help me stay motivated to get it out every week on a specific day, Wednesday, and I can still fill it with the information I put into the crafty corner posts.I feel calling it this (or a version of this) will give a better description of the post. I plan on doing more, smaller posts rather than the larger crafty corner. More reviews, tutorials and patterns! Very excited!


Im going to be leaving all the old posts up so you can still enjoy them!

2 thoughts on “Sam’s Crafty Corner – The End?

  1. itscrochetoclock says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you’re setting goals for yourself Sam! I too have to set goals for myself and furthermore have to tell other people about those goals or I’ll find an excuse to ignore them, ha! I did much the same with my blog and a few other things a few weeks ago. So far I am doing well with it and I hope I am able to continue doing so. Perhaps we can help keep each other motivated to reach our goals. Brightest of blessings to you!


    • samphorea says:

      thank you! yes, if i don’t say they out loud they end up written in my journal and I just avoid that page haha glad you are doing well! Definitely! Love the idea of team-working to achieve our goals! hope your having a fabulous day!


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