5D diamond painting…what is it?

I am a member of a few (too many) crafty Facebook groups. I love seeing everyone’s projects and learning about new crafts. Recently, one such craft mentioned that have everyone excited was a thing called “5D Diamond Painting”. From what the members said, it was a kit you purchased (eBay, amazon, any of those kinds of places) and it consisted of a picture what you stuck little gems onto. I recently completed a hamma beard kit and figured it was the same kind of concept but without the need to iron it.

I loved the idea so after doing a quick search on eBay, I found a kit I liked on eBay and at only £3.09 with free delivery I figured it was worth a try. It arrived about 2 weeks before expected which was brilliant!

This is the image off the eBay listingWhat arrived was exactly what i expected. I got the canvas with the image on covered in a thing plastic film, little plastic packets containing various colours gems, a small green tray, a tool to pick the gems up with, three small resealable bags (the plastic packets of beads weren’t resealable so I assume the bags are for them) and a small piece of what I can only describe as pink gum.

I hadn’t looked at any tutorials so just before I streamed I did a quick search and figured out how to do everything. Key on the image matches the gems. You pull back the plastic bit by bit exposing the imagine and stick the gems onto the corresponding numbers/letters on the picture.

The pink gum was what confused me. Turns out you poke the tool into it and it picks up a little inside the tool. This pink gum is what makes the tool sticky and means it can pick up the gems. The tool has two ends, one for 1 gem at a time and the other for multiple. Other kits I saw had a more narrow large end, mine was completely circular, so I figured if I used it I would spend more time moving the gems into proper position and it would save me no time, so I didn’t use it. It was super fun to do and extremely relaxing.

As mentioned above I streamed the whole process and couldn’t believe how fast time went while I was doing it. You can click the link below to see a little clip of what I got up to!



I will definitely be trying out more kits and even getting my kids involved. They like to craft but don’t want to sit for hours learning a new skills so this will be perfect for them. I will be making a “how to” post soon with some tips I’ve picked up so far. If you’ve tried it or are going to be trying it I’d love to hear what you think in the comments and make sure you tag me in pictures on Instagram and twitter (links below).



4 thoughts on “5D diamond painting…what is it?

    • samphorea says:

      Everyone who came to my livestream said they’ve never seen them before too. I just happened across them. Figured I’d try spread the word, a lot of people would enjoy them if they only new about them haha

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  1. Laura Lavalle says:

    I have tried diamond painting and enjoy it but the picture never looks the same. It looks not clear enough. How do I choose so I get a clearer picture?


    • samphorea says:

      I try to see each gem as a pixel so a larger image or a less detailed image will come out clearer. If you want more detail I think you’d have to go bigger to get a clearer image. I also get recommendations from friends or others who have made them so I know that they should be good! hope that helps!


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