Mini Bow – Free Crochet Pattern

I love bows; big bows, little bows and all those in-between. I made this little bow and thought they were so cute I just had to share! Hope you enjoy them!

I ask that you do not copy this pattern or pass it off as your own, please credit me. Feel free to use it and I’d love to see what you make!

Any problems with the pattern please feel free to contact me anyway you wish or leave a comment below!

Mini Bow – Free Crochet Pattern

By Samphorea



  • Yarn
  • Hook in matching size to yarn (I used a 4.5mm with DK yarn)
  • Needle
  • Scissors


  • st – Stitch
  • ch – chain
  • hdc – Half-double crochet
  • slst – Slip stitch

Extra Information

This pattern is worked in the round. Do not attach at the end of each round, continue crocheting continuously. The finished bow is approx. 7cm wide.


Row 1 – ch 20. Join to first Ch with a slst. ch 1


Row 2 – 5 – hdc in each st.


At the end of row 6 join to the next st using a slst. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Pinch bow in the center and using a length of yarn, wrap it around the bow until you are happy with the thickness and width of the center. I wrapped it around approx. 18-19 times, pulling tight and keeping the wraps even. Tie off at the back to secure and sew in ends.



Alternatively, once you have completed row 5, slst and fasten off leaving a length of yarn approx. 90cm long. You then use this to wrap around the pinched center of the bow, tie off to secure and sew in ends. NB: For this method I did not sew in the end from the beginning chain. I kept it so I could secure the yarn after finishing wrapping the center by tying the ends together.


The tail from the beginning chain not sewn in yet


Used the tail to tie and secure the wrap around the center


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