WIP Wednesday – 8/11/2017

Christmas is well and truly underway in my house! Wrapping gifts, putting up lights, i love all of it! As mentioned in a previous post I’m starting to make Christmas gifts as soon as possible so I have plenty of time to get everything finished. One of those things is bows, lots and lots of bows! I’ve been loving the pattern by Kimmiecrochet (as seen in last weeks WIP Wednesday) so much, I made a few more!


I also made a few bows off the top of my head and I am writing up a pattern for it so keep an eye out for that!


One pattern is already live, the mini bow pattern, so make sure you check that out. This little 7cm bow is super cute!


I made another messy bun beanie, pattern by Wilma Westenburg (click here to go to the pattern) , and this time making it a little longer, using a size up hook and measuring it on the head. It was meant to fit my 4 year old, and it does but it is a little big and fits my 11yr old comfortably so she has claimed it and I need to get making a matching one soon! It only took a few hours to make so was super fast to work up and they love it!


Finally got back to streaming crochet. We made a start on a little snowman, complete with top hat and scarf. This pattern is by Repeat Crafter Me (click here to go to pattern) and its super cute!



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