Decorating baubles – DIY crafts

We finally put pur Christmas tree up! I love Christmas and I’ve been itching to put the decorations up even before Halloween! Theres always lots of left over baubles when we decorate the tree. Ones that have lost their string, the ones in colours the kids don’t like using and left over ones because we just have to many for the tree. After the millionth time the kids told me they were bored I looked at the baubles and had an idea.

Grabbing the gun, some sharpies, yarn, pom poms, felt shapes I found in Poundland and other random bits and bobs we got to decorating the unloved baubles!

The kids really enjoyed using pens to colour and write on them. A super simple idea but it made some cool personalised baubles the kids were proud of (especially as ella is just learning how to write!)

We had lots of left over pompoms from easter so a little glue and we made a funky looking spotty bauble!

Yarn wrapping next! I took off the plastic topper and started by glueing yarn to the bottom of the bauble. I then wrapped it around the top securing it each wrap around with some glue on the bottom.

We used the felt shapes to create personalised ones. We each chose a bauble and a shape and stuck them down, then using a sharpie added our initals (me and my partner had to had m for mummy and d for daddy of course!) Again, super simple but they look reallt cute!

The kids and I really enjoyed creating these and it’s nice to re-purpose things that would otherwise have been put back in their bag and back into the cupboard until next year.

Have you decorated some baubles? I’d love to see them! Tag me in pictures on Instagram! 

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